enjo cleanings london ontario cleaning using enjo by just simply clean residential commercial cleaners london ontario cleaning services


wipe down fronts on cupboards and around knobs, back splash, counter tops, sinks and all appliances,
including inside seals of appliances thoroughly clean stove top and inside and outside of microwave
wipe fronts of fridge and handles, and top of it if possible vacuum/dry mop - then wet mop


thoroughly wipe all surfaces starting at light fixture, to mirror, sink,cupboards, shower/bath and
then toilet make sure tubs, showers and sinks are all rinsed and sparklin vacuum/dry mop - then wet mop


thoroughly dust all surfaces in designated areas - if a lot of nicknacks wecan suggest thorough dust every
other and just quick dust other times, todo a good clean you need to take off ornaments dust and then put back
after furniture is dusted fans and light fixtures dust periodically dust pictures and mirrors on walls


dry mop or vacuum all floor surfaces wet mop, kitchen, bathrooms and high traffic areas periodically wet mop all surfaces
hard surfaces, go over after dry with dry mop to shine



wet and dry wipe around door knobs of high traffic areas
wet and dry wipe around door frames of high traffic areas for finger prints
wet and dry around light switches
tidy, fluff pillows on couches
keep check on baseboards for dust and dirt, clean when needed
tidy and clear as we go through, if we find there is an area that is always covered,
we will ask how you want that "area" cleaned: pile and clean or just leave as is

cleaning with enjo london ontario enjo

The bathroom looks fantastic! We were quite impressed – I wasn’t sure it could be done.  - Krista